beats by Nosaj Thing

V.A - Beat Dimensions Vol 2 Compiled By Cinnaman And Jay Scarlett Ep 1 (RUSH HOUR)
A1. Danny Breaks and DJ Adlib - The Sound
A2. Mono/Poly - Distant From
B1. Nosaj Thing - FWD
B2. Kenlo Craqnuques - ZoÏd
B3. Dalt Wisney - R2FUX

BUSDRIVER - Jhelli Beam(Anti)
1. "Split Seconds (Between Nannies and Swamis)" (Produced by Nosaj Thing)
2. "Me-Time (With the Pulmonary Palimpsets)" (Produced by Omid)
3. "Handfuls of Sky" (Produced by Nobody and Busdriver)
4. "Scoliosis Jones" (Produced by Daedelus)
5. "Least Favorite Rapper" (feat. Nocando) (Produced by Free The Robots)
6. "Quebec and Back" (Produced by Nobody)
7. "Do the Wop" (Produced by Daedelus)
8 "World Agape" (Produced by Greg Saunier)
9. "Manchuria" (feat. Mikah 9) (Produced by Nobody)
10. "Unsafe Sextet/Gilded Hearts of Booklovers" (Produced by Omid)
11. "Happy Insider" (feat. Nick Thorburn) (Produced by Daedelus and Busdriver)
12. "I've Always Known" (Produced by Busdriver)
13. "Fishy Face" (feat. John Dietrich) (Produced by Daedelus)

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